Wedding Hair With Frills, Not Frizz!

There’s so many things you need to worry about on your wedding day, and your hair should not be one of them! 

Frizzy, static hair can creep up when you least expect it, especially if you are kicking off wedding celebrations with a hen-do abroad. Heat and humidity can be a crazy mix, but adding moisture is not always the best answer to your hair nightmare. Over-moisturised hair can make hair even more static. 

wedding hair

Here are 4 wedding hair tips to keep your bridal hair tame for all your big events. 

  1. A trim is a must: Get a trim at least one week before the big day, or if you want a bigger chop, go 4 weeks earlier. Dead ends are not a good look, and with photographers trying to get that winning close up, with different lighting angles, you’ll be surprised how much your split ends will show. 

  1. Stay hydrated: You are what you eat, and the same goes for hair. Upping your intake of vitamins and drinking lots of water will also benefit your hair. Hair oiling works a dream too, but be careful not to over saturate the hair and concentrate more on massaging the scalp.

  1. Make the products do the hard work for you: Backcombing hair can be harsh on the hair and scalp. Use products that allow for lots of volume, without breaking the hair. Root revamp & lift gives the ultimate lift at the roots when activated with heat, for a lift that lasts all day without looking stiff. Seriously good styler can be used after styling to smooth out flyaways, whilst balancing the protein and moisture in the hair - so no frizziness or static all day! 

  1. Prep the day before: It is recommended to wash your hair the day before styling as it holds better. Freshly washed hair can be slippery and too silky to shape. If you use a hair mask, use it in the lead up to your big day, but not the day before. Keep in mind, over-moisturised hair can be just as bad as dry. 

Now, no more hair worries, pass the champagne please!

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