Let's take it to the kitchen! Dried pasta comes in all shapes, thickness, colours and textures, just like your hair.
What connects them both is the need for moisture to provide flexibility and balance, we like to call it .. 'al dente' hair!

Take a strand of spaghetti before adding water and it will snap with ease just like dehydrated hair which is brittle - protein overload.

Add the right amount of water and the spaghetti becomes flexible and retains strength as it becomes al dente ... this is true for hair as moisture is added!

Leave the spagetti in the water too long and it bloats, turns stringy losing its elasticity and separating into a mush, this is true of hair that has too much moisture - moisture overload, also known as hygral fatigue.

What this analogy clearly shows is its vital that our hair retains a balance of strength and moisture just like pasta!