For great hair vibes we give you greater control for #staticfaction

Static. Frizz. Flyaways...

all hair bugbears that can be barriers to a great style. At STATICJAM we are committed to making hair easier to manage by troubleshooting these everyday problems all hair types and textures can experience. Balancing vegan proteins and moisturisers, our two super styling products give hair flexibility and strength with every use. We help deliver those good hair vibes we pray for daily.


SERIOUSLY GOOD STYLER and ROOT REVAMP AND LIFT are hero products that respectively smooth, tame and oomph your style. Formulated with tried, trusted and proven ingredients, they work super hard to help eliminate static, frizz and flyaways. Let’s just say we’ve sourced all the good stuff we know to do their thing, and side-stepped buzz ingredients used because they sound on-trend. STATICJAM formulations haven’t had it easy breezy. We’ve had them jump through hair hoops. We’ve put them to the test on clients in hair salons with fantastic results. Our mission was to make it easier for you to control your style at home, without the threat of hair hijackers such as static, frizz and flyaways. They’re an absolute must-try.