Hair so static, you can hear it crackle!

You tend to hear a lot about tackling frizzy hair, but what about static hair?

fizzy hair

Whether it’s a drop in humidity, over-zealous brushing or pulling a sweater over your head, static hair ruins any great hair vibes to be had. Next thing you know, you have hair that looks like it’s been attacked by a party of helium balloons.

So, how does static hair happen? Static hair occurs when the hair gathers electrons from either the environment – humidity changes, or friction. Opposite charges attract and like charges repel. When lots of like charges are in abundance they repel each other, causing hair strands to lift. The result? Statically charged and erratic hair, making it impossible to get a grip on and style.

Static, frizz and flyaways are related by one common factor - a reduction of moisture either in the hair or in the air. Most commonly, the advice has been to reach for moisture led products to calm and sleek wayward strands down. But an over saturation of moisture results in a whole new level of hair frustration: overly soft hair that’s equally unmanageable as static to control and style.

healthy hair

Incoming the secret formula; StaticJam. We understand the perfect balance between both moisture and protein to starve the static, making stress free styling super easy. Created in collaboration with insider salon knowledge, these hair styling wonders are bathroom essentials! 

Get smooth, sleek and frizz-free with our seriously good styler or get instant volume and lift with our root revamp & lift, just active with heat. 

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