StaticJam Duo


Why is that your hairstylist can always style your hair better than you? As professional hair stylists, one of their skills is making hair easier to blow-dry.

Here at STATICJAM we’ve formulated four problem solvers that make it easier for you to cleanse, condition and style your hair – whatever your hair texture. Incoming the too good to be true shampoo, get glossy and tangle free conditioner, seriously good styler and root revamp and lift.

If hair is too soft, it’s impossible to style, yet all advice if you’re suffering an attack of the statics is to add moisture. This works if your hair is strong and dry, but for most hair mortals it’s a blow-dry disaster. If hair is over moisturised, it can lead to hygral fatigue. Let’s just say, we don’t jam with anything with the word ‘fatigue’ in it! When hair acts too soft, too dry, too frizzy and too full of static, these bugbears will bring a good style down. 

So, we decided to create the perfect balance for you. Hair science is our hush-hush secret. Based on the principle that all hair is made up of protein and moisture, we’ve formulated the perfect blend of strengthening protein to give body and fullness with just enough moisture balance to slay the static, frizz and add some shine.  

It is our mission to deliver stress free haircare that leaves your hair looking and feeling healthy with no static or frizzy drama. The STATICJAM team are empowered to bring years of salon expertise, affordably bottled up. 

STATICJAM is an absolute hair changer, but don’t just take our word for it, allow us to be your hair hero!