Winter hair care tips: Protect your hair from winter damage

winter hair tips


We all know that summer has hair problems, but Winter has its issues too. With the cold and damp weather manifesting frizz and brittle hair, it's no wonder summer makes those hair problems a little easier to deal with. 

At StaticJam, we have tried and tested some tips to make winter days more manageable for our hair. 

Before your hair wash

In winter, a spa night for your scalp is the best thing you could do for your hair. Many of us notice that our scalps can become dry and irritated in the winter. This is due to the change in weather and the dry air in our homes, cars and workplaces. Heating can have a big impact on our hair in general as it strips hair from its moisture. Taking the time to give your scalp a bit more attention will have huge benefits. We recommend giving yourself a scalp massage or investing in a scalp brush that does all the work for you. 

 Apart from using our frizz-fighting and moisture-balancing shampoo and conditioner, there is another factor that you have to be mindful of. Especially in the colder months. That is the water temperature. We understand there's nothing worse in the winter than having a lukewarm shower because your favourite hair brands told you to. But we only say it because we have your best hair goals in mind. Hot showers can damage your overall hair, that's scalp and ends. Hot showers tend to dry out our scalp, which is something we’re already fighting due to the weather. It also helps to destroy the keratin in your hair, leaving brittle and static-prone hair. 

Lowering the temperature to a lukewarm setting will allow you to still have an enjoyable shower while achieving your hair dreams. If you want to step it up in the shower, a shot of cold water will help shine and lock in the benefits of your shampoo and conditioner. 

After your hair wash

After washing your hair, you can make two easy changes to your routine that will greatly benefit your hair. 

Incorporating more superfoods in your diet to build hair resilience. Chia and Pumpkin seeds are some of the most underrated foods for your hair. They are so easy to add to your meals or even snacks every day. Chia seeds are small but packed with many vitamins and minerals that your hair needs. Chia seeds help strengthen your roots, minimising any breakage. Pumpkin seeds have essential vitamins and fatty acids that are important to hair health. Helping with hair loss and the overall appearance of your hair. These small but mighty seeds are a small change for guaranteed results. 

There are major benefits to getting a daily walk-in. Although winter days in the UK are gloomy and most of the time rainy, it's important that we are still getting our daily dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for scalp care, it helps to lock in scalp moisture and reduce an itchy, flaky scalp.

The battle of the winter damage comes around every year. So you think we’d be prepared, but we could have sworn it was September a week ago! Even if you don’t take away any of our tips for fighting the winter damage. Just know that our range of hair products are crafted to solve the winter blues for your hair. Be it frizz or dryness, our products have you covered.