5 Hair Trends that will be following us into 2024

2024 hair trends

In 2023, we saw fresh new hairstyles and classics return to our screens and everyday lives. From sleek to textures, there was something to fit everyone's hair dreams. The colour palette also changed this year from cool platinum blonde and browns to warm coppers and honey blondes, and we can’t say we’re mad at that!

Here we’ve put together the 5 hair trends (fingers crossed) that will be coming into the new year with us, as we’re just not ready to say goodbye. This might even give you the inspiration you need for that looming work Christmas party or even a last-minute New Year's plan. 


Layers add volume, movement, and dimension to any hairstyle. Whether you're a long-lock girlie or a slick bob babe, layers can instantly transform your look. That’s why we need to see layers on your 2024 vision board.

To keep your layers looking their best, we recommend our too good to be true shampoo & get glossy and tangle free conditioner, because prepping hair in the shower is just as important as prepping after!

Ballerina Buns

Ballerina buns took over our Instagram this year. These buns are so versatile, and you can always add your own twist, whatever the occasion, curls for a messy look or more gel so no strand is out of place. 

Sometimes we can’t wait for day 3 hair to achieve the perfect ballerina bun, that’s why our seriously good styler will leave your hair ready to style straight after drying, with no need to wait around for day 3. 

Ruffled updos

We loved the updos so much that we had to include the messy volume ones too. Effortlessness is another trend we need in 2024. Especially those ruffled work from home updos, even if they’re unintentional.

The more volume the better and with root revamp and lift, you can create those messy updos any day of the week. Just spray on to your roots on freshly washed and dry hair to activate with heat. 


90’s Volume

It's time to keep that bold attitude! Ask yourself, "What would Rachel from Friends do?” we know the answer is to add more volume. Whether it's an updo or a bouncy blow out, the 90’s volume gave a major big hair don’t care attitude.

The bundle that will keep delivering you that 90’s volume is our Va-Va-Voom Volumiser Kit as good hair starts in the shower. 

Liquid hair 

Sleek, shiny hair that exudes confidence – that's the essence of liquid hair. Healthy hair has always been in, but this year we saw liquid hair was on everyone's priority list and will follow into 2024 as we keep our self-care as our top priority. The goal is for your hair to be so healthy it's mistaken for water in the sunlight.

To achieve your best liquid hair yet try our Super Repair and Smoothing Kit that prioritises your hair health.