Why You Need Quality Hair Care Products

In the first half of this year, hair care saw a 26% growth in us spending more money on hair care than ever before. We have also seen that nearly half of the population say that their self-confidence is linked to their hair, indicating why we might be spending more money and time on our hair. In this blog, we want to explain why QUALITY hair care is the most important hair care. We’ll debunk the idea that expensive hair care means quality hair care and highlight the importance of ingredients when it comes to your hair care. 

Why Expensive doesn’t always equal quality

While a lot of drugstore hair care products contain ingredients that only give your hair short-term benefits, the same can be said for more high-end hair care. The are multiple reasons for the higher price tag, and it's not the ingredients. Most high-end products are high-end due to the brand associated with the product, the cost of packaging, filler ingredients or the marketing hype that is behind it. Therefore to get the best out out of your hair care, putting in some initial research is how you can pick quality over the price tag. 

Ingredients to Avoid


Sulfates: Your hair needs some of its natural oils to stay healthy and protected. Yet sulfates are a powerful ingredient that helps shampoos get a deep clean. This deep clean also strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving your hair dry, damaged, and frizzy. 

Parabens: This is another ingredient that is related to drying out your hair and, over time, weakening the hair follicle leading to hair loss.

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What Your Hair Needs

Protein and moisture: The most important thing to look for in hair care is products that prioritise finding a balance between ingredients that bring protein and moisture to your hair. Our hair needs both protein and moisture to help rebuild and keep it healthy. Look for nutrients like Kertain and oils for the best balance of protein and moisture. Something StaticJam knows all about when it comes to balancing the hair!  

In the long run, investing in quality hair care can save you money and give you the radiant, healthy hair you've always desired. StaticJam has a range of products that are free from harmful ingredients and have the perfect balance of protein and moisture to give your hair the love it needs. 

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