Tame the Frizz with our top 10 tips

Humidity. One word that scares us all. In light of the spooky season approaching, it was only right to base our next blog post on something that scares us all. If you are lucky enough to live in the UK, you know that humidity is a problem for us frizzy-hair fighters all year long. As we are an Island surrounded by a body of water in the summer, the sun evaporates the water causing our humidity levels to rise. Then in the winter, the weather is damp, meaning more moisture in the air leading to more humidity. 

Alongside humidity, there are other factors that can cause hair frizz. A lesser-known one is Hydra Fatigue, which we already have a blog post on here.  

Our top 10 tips for beating frizzy hair

  1. The right balance of protein and moisture 

While you may hear often that moisture is your hair's best friend it is actually important to make sure your hair is also getting enough protein. Our hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. By having enough protein in your routine you are helping to rebuild your hair's structure. But you can also overdo it on moisture and protein, which can lead to limp hair through too much moisture and brittle hair through too much protein. 

  1. Water temperature 

Water temperature has a big impact on your hair that you may not even know. When you use hot water to wash your hair, you are damaging the protein that your hair is made up of, which means dry hair and more frizz. Reducing to lukewarm water will help reduce that damage. If you want to be extra kind to your hair, we recommend cold water as this helps to flatten and seal the hair cuticle really impacting the appearance of frizz.

  1. Humidity proof hairstyles 

Humidity-proof hairstyles are another great way to keep the frizz away. These include sleek buns or ponytails, half-up half-down styles, loose braids, and messy updos. This tip won't necessarily get rid of your frizzy hair but will help you have a good hair day even if the humidity is high. 

  1. Silk Pillows

Silk pillows are not just for an aesthetic home there are real benefits not just for your hair but also for your skin. Silk pillows absorb less moisture, which means your hair products before bed will be getting to do their job. Because Silk pillows are smooth, there is no friction when tossing in the night, meaning fewer tangles and breakages.

  1. No more sulphates

While Sulphates are put into shampoos to make your hair feel great, it is only a temporary solution. They eventually leave a residue on your hair which doesn't allow any moisture in, and as we said earlier, your hair needs the right balance of protein and moisture to achieve frizz-free hair. Lucky for you, our too good to be true shampoo is sulphate free!

  1. Longer conditioning times 

To help with the right amount of moisture we always recommend deep conditioning as part of your routine. You may have found a product you love for this, or you can even use your normal conditioner and wait a bit longer before washing out to allow the hair to absorb more of your conditioner's goodness.Try our get glossy and tangle free conditioner to hydrate, repair and care.  

  1. Microfibre towels 

We know it, you know it. If you haven’t seen those hair microfibre towels everywhere, then we’re here to show you why they will benefit your hair. Like silk pillowcases, they are a softer material which helps lessen snagging. They are also a better material for soaking up the water in your hair leading to faster drying times. 

  1. The right hair brush 

You may not know that having the right brush for your hair will also help protect hair, reduce frizz and achieve desired styling results. For example, fine hair is best suited for extra-soft boars’ bristle hair brushes as it is gentle on their hair and help to detangle without pulling out hair. Whereas paddle brushes are good for longer and thicker hair as they allow for more hair to be brushed at once and reduce knots. 

  1. The wrong product amounts

A lot of people are using the right product but the wrong amount for their hair lengths and texture. Most products recommend a small amount, but this might not be enough for your hair. If you have finer or shorter hair, a smaller amount may be perfect, as too much can weigh down your hair. For longer and thicker hair, using an extra pump of two of your products will allow for better coverage meaning the product will work its magic.

  1. Regular trims 

We know your hairdresser has this one covered, so we’ll keep it short. Regular trims allow for less split ends rising. Less split ends rising = less frizz and flyways. The end. 

If all else fails, then StaticJam has a product to suit your frizzy and static hair needs. We have a shampoo, conditioner, serum, and volume spray, all working together to fight the frizz. Why not take a look at our products and kits to help you achieve frizz-free hair?