Why Rosemary Oil Might Not Be The Answer to Longer Locks

We think it's safe to say that everyone with hair knows about the rosemary trends that took the internet by storm months ago. The claims were that people were seeing crazy amounts of hair growth in such a short period of time. Naming the oil as a magic growth oil. 

Like many trends that surface, there is little research on the trend. In fact, a few months after the magic oil came to light, Medical Councils shared reports that Rosemary oil may be causing more harm than good through improper use. 

It was the right idea but the wrong plan. When using the oil, many were using the highest concentration of the oil. Higher concentration = Better results. This was actually the totally opposite. The higher concentrations of oil being used were actually damaging the hair follicles leading to the opposite effect … hair loss. 

Rosemary Oil is a powerful antioxidant which helps hair in regards to UV protection this is the main benefit that people will be getting from their use of the oil. 

But what was actually seen to be the reason for the quicker appearance of hair growth was the massaging aspect of the routine. When people were massaging the oil into their scalp, they were creating more blood flow which allowed for more nutrients and oxygen to the scalp promoting longer and stronger hair.

Whether you sticking to your rosemary oil or giving up the messy routine make sure a massage is the most important part of your hair routine if you want to see real hair growth.

As you know we are all about balance, and this is why our ingredients are specifically formulated with the correct amount of concentration to slay static hair.

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