Relaxation Day, but For Your Hair!

relaxing hair

Relaxation day is on the 15th August, and when thinking about self-care, we picture a relaxing bath, a sheet mask and unwinding. But we sometimes neglect the parts of us that need that extra care and relaxation.

With it being relaxation day, we've put together the ultimate relaxing hair routine. Leaving you feeling relaxed and your hair feeling cared for!


Step 1: Set the scene

We recommend getting into that relaxation mindset. This could be lighting a candle, putting on your favourite playlist or even taking the time to enjoy the experience.

Step 2: Relaxing at the roots

Did you know that most people hold a lot of tension in their scalp which can lead to headaches and hair loss? While shampooing, take the tip of your fingers and massage your scalp in mini circles. Not only will this help to release built-up tension, but it will allow for a deeper scalp clean. Our too good to be true shampoo will help achieve this clean feeling without drying your hair.

Step 3: Caring for the whole length

After you've taken care of the roots, it's time to show some love to those mid and ends. Apply our get glossy and tangle-free conditioner to your mids and ends. We recommend 2-5 minutes on a typical hair wash day, but this is the ultimate experience. So leaving our condition in for 10 to 15 minutes gives it that extra level of care. In those 10 - 15 minutes, a mindful meditation is the perfect way to keep up the levels of relaxation. 

Step 4: Sealing the feeling

Make sure you finish your hair relaxation day with our seriously good styler. Apply from roots to ends on your pampered hair to ensure a fuss-free blow or air dry. Then continue your day of relaxation by doing things that make you feel as good as your hair looks!