Hair Inspiration to be Carnival Ready!

It's nearly the end of August, and you know what that means right… IT’S CARNIVAL TIME. Here at StaticJam, we are excited to see all the creativity and fun carnival will bring this year. 

We hope the sun will shine, but this is the UK, so anything is possible. But no matter what the weather is StaticJam will leave your hairstyles frizz free come rain or shine!

Not only are we here to help you get your hair carnival ready, but we also have carnival inspiration that we know you'll love. 

Space Bun Sensation 

space bun hair

Space buns have always been a fun go-to hairstyle for carnivals and music festivals. There are so versatile, and you can try them in your own creative style. We especially recommend adding glitter to your hair for that carnival vibe. We recommend our seriously good styler for a smooth finish for your space buns. 

Half-up, Half-down Classic

half up half down

Just like the space buns, a half up half down do is another playful hairstyle that you can do almost anything with. So it's one we know will be a hit at carnival. We especially love a half-up half-down hairstyle with some beautiful loose curls to give that carefree vibe, which is the vibe we’re sure you'll be feeling on carnival weekend. To give you all the volume you need, we know you’ll love our root revamp and lift.

Carnival Colour

hair colour

Finally, this hairstyle will get you right in the carnival mood. Apply non-permanent hair dye in any colour that suits your vibe for the creative elevation to any look! This hairstyle is sure to have you embracing carnival in all its colourful spirit. Great hair starts with the prep, to get your hair looking great in your new colour, we recommend using our too good to be true shampoo and get glossy and tangle free conditioner for the best results.

Carnival countdown is on, and we can't wait to see your gorgeous creations. StaticJam is here to bring your beautiful styles to life, stopping frizz from getting in the way of your dream hair and unlocking your hair’s full potential.