Tame the Rain with Root Revamp & Lift Spray

hair in the rain
Rainy days may bring a sense of tranquility, but they can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving you with an unruly mess of frizz and flyaways. We have the ultimate solution to keep your locks looking fabulous even in the drizzliest of weather. Introducing the Root Revamp & Lift, a revolutionary haircare product designed to combat frizz while giving your roots a much-needed boost.
This lightweight spray works wonders to lock in moisture and create a barrier against humidity. By lifting your roots, it adds volume and prevents flatness, even in damp conditions.
Use Root Revamp & Lift spray before styling your hair to tame any pesky flyways, and if the rain get's in the way, it's easy to give your a hair a quick re-fresh! Simply spray and rub into roots with fingers until dry and you have voluminous next day hair, without the frizz.
A few things to also avoid when there is a week of bad weather to look forward to; avoid over washing and stripping the hair of it's natural oils. After shampooing and conditioning, rinse your hair with cool water to help seal the hair cuticle, reducing frizz. Finally, instead of rubbing your hair vigorously with a regular towel, use a microfiber towel or a soft T-shirt to gently blot excess water from your hair.
Say hello to a new era of voluminous hairstyles with Root Revamp and Lift Spray