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StaticJam Frizz Tamer

 If your hair is prone to static and frizz, StaticJam is a new brand well worth taking a look at. My hair frizz in Menorca was so dreadful I’m still carrying the emotional baggage which is why I was so keen to test out StaticJam. Nothing is invincible – I put it through its paces far more thoroughly than I was expecting to thanks to a blend of humidity, drizzle (hood up, hood down – tantamount to begging for static) and then a howling wind on my walk to the village – but crucially, as you’ll see in the pictures (and much to my surprise) after a quick brush when I got home, my hair was more of less the same as when I left the house. The middle part, while not perfect, is nowhere near Spain hair.

 I used the seriously good styler before blow drying although as I’m not much of a fan of extra hair products because I can always feel them and I think they give me less time between washes, in fact, my hair felt great. Smooth and swishy is that I’m aiming for and sure enough, it was both. I’m not adding in shine to the review, because although my hair was shiny, I used Glaze last week and so I can’t tell whether that was a factor or not. It’s not expensive either at £12.

Top left is me setting off, main picture is me arriving in the village after the weather beating and bottom left is me finally home and after running a brush through my hair. As you can see, apart from some light curl, everything has gone back to how it started – I did absolutely nothing but brush it. The frizz has more or less sorted itself out just with brushing. Anyway, to the product – apparently, the magic is all in the balance of ingredients. StaticJam does contain silicones but they’re used in moderation so you don’t get that limpness a couple of days later. Wheat proteins, amino acids and panthenol feature on the ingredient list (although I’d like to see a much clearer explanation on the website of how the ingredients work – a full ingredient list would be useful too) and the texture is almost like a thick serum. It’s not weighty or oily. While I’m work up a wish list, I’d like an ‘about us’ section on the site too.

The root revamp can used on damp or dry hair – I didn’t use it post walk because after brushing I didn’t think I needed to but it’s the wingman to the styler for any time sort out. I’d love to see some smaller, flight-friendly sizes – StaticJam would have been SO useful in Spain and during our scorching weather when I was more sweat than human. I’d definitely carry the revamp with me – there’s nothing like setting out to a fancy launch thinking you look your absolute beauty best and catching sight of the nest on your head in a mirror. You can find StaticJam HERE – I think it will only be moments before Boots or Superdrug pick it up (or maybe Sephora!)

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