The leaves are falling, and so is your hair?: How to deal with Seasonal Hair Shedding

autumn hair

Here's yet another hair challenge we face in the colder seasons. Seasonal Hair Shedding, but fear not because this is another challenge you can conquer with StaticJam! 

We know autumn brings cozy feels and pumpkin-spiced everything, but it also brings those frustrating hair shedding moments. Don't worry! We've got your back to help you manage the seasonal shed. 

But why does autumn make it worse? Let's unpack the natural hair shedding process and find out why it goes on overdrive during this time of the year. But we're not just going to leave you feeling down about it. We've got strategies to help you slay autumn shedding and rock your best hair yet!

Autumn shedding of human hair is influenced by changes in photoperiod (daylight duration) and temperature. As daylight shortens and temperatures drop, hair follicles go through a natural cycle called the telogen phase. During this phase, hair strands are in a resting state and eventually shed to make way for new growth. This shedding is a part of the body's adaptive response to conserve energy and adapt to seasonal changes. It's a normal and temporary process, ensuring healthier, thicker hair in the upcoming seasons.

Therefore the seasonal shedding of our hair is natural, it also means there's no way around it. However, we can make sure our scalp and ends are healthy so that our hair doesn't lose its luscious appearance. It’s all about finding the perfect balance of nutrition, hydration, and a killer hair care routine.
Our Super Repair and Smoothing Kit will help to give you all the hydration and nutrition your hair needs to help minimise the impact of the seasonal shed. Helping to repair damaged hair from start to finish, all three products are scientifically developed and balanced, packed full of vegan proteins, vitamins and moisturisers. it’s the ultimate repair and recharge kit!